Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Boar titles (available on tour)

I will have these 3 new Boar releases available for the upcoming tour w/Eric Witt and Bullshit Market and hopefully I will have copies left for the Xome/Boar tour as well

released through Chryptus (Leo Brochu's new label)

Boar/Genital Stigmata split c-10
Super cut up harsh noise
Released through Centipede Farm -http://centipedefarm.com/

Boar/Bullshit Market/Eric Witt split 3-way
released through Trashfuck rec. -https://trashfuckrecords.bandcamp.com/
and Structures Without Purpose- https://www.facebook.com/structureswithoutpurpose/

Monday, January 4, 2016

Xome/Boar split 12'' coming soon!

Xome/Boar split 12''
Here are a few tracks from the 12''
Boar-Goof Off

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter tours+12'' release announcement

This winter Boar will be hitting the road again on 2 separate tours joining the likes of Bullshit Market and Eric Witt in February and in March with Xome!
Along with touring I will be co-releasing a Bullshit Market/Eric Witt/Boar split c-20
as well as a Xome/Boar 12'' split!(more info to come on those releases in the near future!)

Here is the list of Dates and Cities that we will be performing (I will update all info as it gets booked)

Boar/Bullshit Market/Eric Witt winter tour- event page

2/11-Iowa City,IA @Governor's Mansion 
2/12-Desmoines IA @The Fremont 
2/13-Lawrence,KS house show 1036 Alabama Street
2/14- Omaha,NE @Milk Run 
2/15- Denver,CO @ Bar Bar
2/16- Kansas City,MO @ Daveys Uptown

Xome/Boar Midwest tour-Event page

3/1-Minneapolis, MN @ The Riverboat
3/2-Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward 
3/3-Chicago IL @ Tritriangle 
3/4-Detroit MI @ The Santcuary 
3/5-Dayton OH @ Smiles4Miles
3/6-Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class
3/7 Bloomington IN @ Artifex Guild
3/8-Saint Louis MO @ The Way Out

Friday, September 18, 2015

I Like You Go Home "It's just a title, it doesn't mean shit"CDr

 Harsh noise aggression out of Iowa
I have been touring with Patrick over the past
several years and this shit hits hard.
packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

email breachingstatichnw@yahoo.com for orders out of the USA

Thursday, July 23, 2015

JULY 2015 batch

I watched you die
HNW to the max
packaged in paper sleeve 
This will be the last release from this project
Die Reitenden Leichen
"Monolithic Resistance"CDr
HNW master spitting out two harsh crunchy walls
packaged in DVD case
Phantom Rib 
"love hate relationship"CDr
drone harsh noise
packaged in a 7'' sleeve
Bad Algorithm
"They Can Smell Your Heart"CDr
3 tracks of guttural Lo-fi HNW
packaged in paper sleeve
BS 68
Musician CDr
new noise out of Iowa mixing
HN and HNW in a unique style
packaged in paper sleeve
Hooked Talons/Garbage Mask split CDr
Both artist hailing from TX and killing it as TX usually does.
Harsh noise insanity!
packaged in DVD case

Whole batch deal-

Each CDr
(shipping included)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

In the works (summer releases)

-I watched you die CDr (final release)
-Phantom Rib CDr
-Musician CDr
-Bad Algorithm CDr
-Die Reitenden Leichen CDr
-Aunts Analog pro CD
-Cascading Fragments pro CD

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Justin Marc Lloyd- Drip Mental/Zip Metal

Just Marc Lloyd
"Drip Mental/Zip Metal
A pro cd compilation of live eerie drone cut ups from Chicago based JML

this is also available for download -https://breachingstatic.bandcamp.com/album/drip-mental-zip-metal