Thursday, March 3, 2011

Upcoming Batch!!!!

The second official batch for Breaching Static was supposed to be released March 1st but due to financial/family issues it is getting pushed to the end of March. Some for sure titles on the next batch....
Boar-"Wall Reaper"CDr
Dead Body Collection/Ascites collab-Tissue Damage CDr
Centuries Behind A Gate-(tba title)2xCDr

im planning on 4 titles for sure. After this batch im going to be working on a series called the "Silver Top Series".
Minimal artwork packaged in a thin clear plastic sleeve with silver CDr's. 10 copies per release. Each vol. will contain 5 artist so 5 releases per vol. First vol. should be out by the end of april. more details on everything coming very very soon.

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