Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silver Top series new + more

OK....so after delaying this for such a long time. The artist that are appearing on the first series of "The Silver Top series" are as follows-
Sobou Shuu
Extreme Chafing
Fecal Dam
Small Hours
Pyramid Dust
The Structure

For those of you who dont know.. the Silver Top series is a series that Breaching Static will be releasing containing no restrictions in the harsh noise genre so some of these artist are not HNW. The artwork will be very minimal packaged in a thin clear plastic sleeve on a silver cdr hints "Silver Top".
Each release will be in edition to 10 copies total!
pricing as follows
USA $3.50
WORLD $6.00
for each release.

Soon after these releases are released I will be releasing 2 new cdr's from my new project "I watched you die"

and after those come the 3rd batch.... Only 3 artist in the 3rd batch, but its going to be killer!

If anyone would like to reserve anything of what I posted here, feel free to PM me. I should have the Silver Top series out by the end of July and the "I watched you die" releases out by early August.

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