Sunday, July 24, 2011

upcoming batch news----

Just a small update dealing with the next 2 Breaching Static batches....So I have decided that I am going to in a way combine the upcoming 3rd batch with the 4th batch. This came to me last night and I think it will work out just fine. Im going to have this fucking amazing/fucking huge batch ready by EBTW2 (thats kind of why i am combining the two and also it gives me more time due to the fact that the silver top series was delayed so many times)

So.. the next batch will contain

Centuries Behind A Gate
(2) Boar releases
Phantom Rib
Polyester Pants
Faggot Front
Missing Girls

This seriously will not be a batch to miss out on. I will be having different packaging layouts and different artwork ideas. 

Thats all im giving out for now. Check back for updates!

p.s. the silver top series WILL be done this week.

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