Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting back into things + other news

So im finally getting back into "business" after the Boar tour. Im going to be way more productive and lean more towards  i guess you could say a professional approach with the label. More quality releases ( by no means am i abandoning the DIY style or anything. Im still going to use that approach for releases, but for others i may step it up a notch.. not saying that one release is more important than the other, just my own personal doings/way of running the label.)

With the quality addressed, im also going to bump up the quantity of releases (again im not going to abandon the limited style but I am going to fluctuate with the editions).

I want to open my range of formats such as tapes and 3'' cds as well as pro CD's.

Also Im really thinking about starting a newsletter via email. I know I have been saying this for a while now but i really want to get on it!

Lastly I dont think im going to release as rapidly as I did in the past.

Coming soon-(end of april)
Ghost-Radio Death cdr 10 copies (silver top series)
Centuries Behind A Gate-untitled cdr 10 copies (silver top series)
Burial Ground-Phantasm 4xcdr release 15 copies

later on-
Mass Graves 3xCdr release
I watched you die 3xCdr release

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