Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NEW 2014 HOLY FUCK batch


The "HOLY FUCK" batch
 I watched you die "I want you all dead 7''lathe
Vital Weekly 
I WATCHED YOU DIE - I WANT YOU ALL DEAD (7” lathe record by Breaching Static)
When compared against the minuscule five-inch (!!!) single that Breaching Static released alongside this disc, a seven-inch record is like an eternity for Alex Nowacki's noise project, I Watched You Die, to operate – even if he only uses one side. What happens on this disc is interesting: whereas the five-inch, 'You Are All Lame Fucks' (recorded as Boar) skittered in agitation from plank-of-noise to plank-of-noise, here Nowacki seems more comfortable fleshing out a relatively level plateau of abrasion. And it's crusty & crumbly wall, but not one that's overly onerous to consume. Instead, it erects an impressive texture that is simply awe-inspiring to behold. It is curious how at odds this craggy mo'fo is with the pristine, transparent record that houses all the sound, but that's the beauty of the format. Another important ingredient is the brevity of the proceedings. I reviewed a full-length album Nowacki put out awhile back, and it was monstrous in good and bad ways. In one sense, there is something cathartic and purifying (and perhaps artistically profound) about 70 minutes of static wall-noise. But it's also more than one can digest in a given sitting. With this lone, enormous track, Nowacki manages to pack a similarly intense thrill, but achieves it in a concise, intense, and visually appealing context. (MT)
 Boar "You're All Lame Fucks" 5'' lathe
Crucial Blast review-
 A maddeningly terse blast of skullshredding noise, You're All Lame Fucks is one of two extremely limited lathe cut records that were recently released by the harsh noise label Breaching Static run by Boar's Alex Nowacki. Boar's Lame Fucks is a snotty, unsubtle blast of confrontational electronic noise that's much more chaotic than the other, more HNW-focused recordings I've stocked from this Midwestern artist. Cut on a clear unlabeled piece of polycarbonate, this features two extremely brief tracks, "There Is No Escape From Yourself" and "Failing, But Who Cares", each one a mere minute long blast of hateful, garbled cut-up noise, filled wildly fluctuating feedback that squeals chaotically across a bed of putrid static, interspersed with weirdly horrific bass-drops and squeaking mechanical noises, bits of juddering anti-rhythmic throb and bursts of monstrous howling skree. Bein' a five inch record and all, this little outrage is over almost before you know it, rolling around in a mess of self-loathing and abject hatred for two minutes and then poof, it's gone...
Stress Orphan "Guttural"cdr
Scant "Only In Dreams Do I Know Im Dead"cdr

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