Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boar- You Will Never Be Happy + 2015 ideas

Boar "You Will Never Be Happy" pro cd
harsh destructive power electronics 
Musique Machine review-

Boar has been active on the US noise scene since 2009- releasing around 50 plus releases, and doing a fair bit of US touring. The Dubuque Iowa  based project started its life as a walled noise project, but in recent years has expanded its sound into other areas of noise, taking in: atmospheric noise craft, enclosing & terrifying Power electronics, drone matter & general creative/ moody experimental sound making. You Will Never Be Happy is a pro cd from April 2015, and sees the project focusing in more on the seared yet moody Power electronics/ harsh noise side of the projects out put.
The release takes in ten tracks in all, and these each have a running time of just over a minute to nearing the ten & a half minute mark- with a total album running time of forty three minutes.  It opens in nice brooding yet seared form with  “slick”, which brings together a slow marching electro low end tone, a buzzing ‘n’ hovering sinister harmonic element, and baying/ gargling vocals.  From here on the album goes from more lengthy tracks that move dense weaves of slowly munching static, which erupt into taut blends of forking high pitched noise with churning & crisp galloping backdrops. Onto shorter tracks that blend together rising & malevolent harmonics, simmering noise clouds, and chattering ‘n’ bay amassed vocals.   Through to searing yet moody mixers  of forking-yet-eerier feedback wails mixed with  on/off piles meshing/ galloping static, and beyond.  Through-out there’s a nice shift from more brooding & sinister, onto more intense attacks, and  a mix of both settings.  The whole thing is nicely varied, and it’s clear Boar has taken a lot of time editing/ structuring the releases  running order for maxim effect.
So in summing up You Will Never Be Happy is a most consistent & worthy release that deserves attention from a wider  noise audience, and really this project needs more recognition in general from those who enjoy seared yet atmospheric experimental sound. So if you fancy picking up a copy head over to here where it can be purchased directly from the artists.

With the beginning of the new year brings new release ideas!
Here is just a small list of artist that I hope to work with this coming year!
-Aunts Analog 
-Break Dancing Ronald Reagan
-Justin Marc Lloyd
-Cascading Fragments
-Jeff Landgraf  
+more tba

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