Tuesday, February 28, 2017

4 NEW RELEASES-Winter batch 2017

 Culled III CD
Spacy/cutup/ tape-sample manipulation harsh noise out of
Crystal Lake IL
 Boar/Human Fluid Rot split CD
Spazzed out cut up harsh noise Total mindfuck!
 Pyramid Dust "Decaying Future"CD
A collaborative project between Alex Nowacki
from Boar and Patrick Gilligan from I Like You Go Home
Harsh noise abuse meets dark drones meets structured ambiance
I Like You Go Home "Feathered In A Nest"CD
For this full length, ILYGH holds nothing back displaying 7 tracks 
of blistering harsh noise. If your looking for an 
ILYGH release with pretty guitar parts
and smooth ambiance, this is not for you.
 This shit is heavy!
Boar/Culled/I Like You Go Home split c12
Released in conjunction with our winter tour,
this split portrays the best of each artist.
Each artist with solo tracks + source material remixed
and spat out through the minds of each other.
If your looking to only pick up one item from this batch,
co released w/ Structures Without Purpose

For samples of each release go HERE

Each release is $7.50 shipped in the USA
Get the whole batch for $30 shipped
(message for international/bulk pricing)
paypal: boarnoise@yahoo.com   

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